About Us

Cristal is a proud market leader in manufacturing titanium dioxide products. With operations on five continents Cristal is the second largest titanium dioxide producer in the world, the largest producer of merchant titanium chemicals, the leading manufacturer of specialty titanium products and a fast growing producer of mineral sands.

A global network of nearly four thousand talented scientists, engineers, technicians and operators use the brilliance of titanium to deliver innovative solutions which improve everyday life. The work we do make paints brighter, seals tighter and provides everything from special inks to coatings, polymers and paper to industries around the globe. 

Our business is growing; we have strengthened our supply chain and brought together a diverse team of experts who will help drive us on to find new and more innovative ways to develop our products and services. And you can be part of it.

We are passionate about pursuing perfection in our work, providing for our family of employees, and creating a cleaner, brighter future with the products we make.