Our core concepts on supply chain can be summed up in three words:

  • Responsiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Alignment
Top performing supply chains must adapt to market shifts through strategy, product and technology modifications, and through re-alignment of the internal processes and supply base. They must be equally effective at dealing with both the short- and long–term implications of today’s demand and supply markets. Our skilled professionals will work with you to understand the true business needs to develop processes and innovative strategies that result in a profitable supply chain in any market conditions. Supply Synergies focuses on enhancing the responsiveness, flexibility and alignment of your supply chain by improving four key links within it:
  • Sourcing Services
  • Logistics
  • Forecasting and Demand Planning
  • Inventory Management
Sourcing Services:
Strategic Sourcing – We partner with our clients to introduce best-practice strategic sourcing. The Supply Synergies approach includes a proven sourcing process, best-practice procurement techniques, and cutting-edge technologies.

Training – Good Sourcing teams understand their processes, markets and internal clients. This starts with a sound foundation – a sourcing approach that embraces all three in the spirit of continuous improvement and collaboration. We will work with your team providing both formal and on-the-job coaching to develop their skill-sets, and work with the broader organization to enhance relationships with internal clients. We understand that a Sourcing team’s success is dependent upon how effectively they work with their internal clients and suppliers. Our approach to this process is second to none, and will put your organization on a path to supply chain leadership within your company.

Spend Management Solutions -Supply Synergies is a partner with Science Warehouse who is a leading provider of on-demand, spend management: e-procurement, catalogue and spend analysis solutions. Our solutions seamlessly integrate with all common finance and purchasing systems and have been helping customers generate cost savings, control expenditures and increase spend visibility for over 10 years. Specifically developed for procurement professionals, our services are used by leading organizations to drive contract compliance, control and price savings. Our applications cover all common products and services spend categories from office supplies to MRO to travel. They’re also fast to implement and interface seamlessly with most finance and purchasing systems. With a turbulent economy and changing market conditions, we help our customers deliver savings that to the bottom line.

We understand that the implementation of meaningful key performance indicators, setting realistic productivity targets, and re-designing existing processes for efficiency are the cornerstones of running an efficient logistics operation. Our experienced global logistics consultants have run their own operations and successfully worked with clients to re-design their supply network from business process re-engineering to a fully out-sourced service.

Inventory Management:
Supply Synergies knows that the objective of Inventory Management is to ensure that proper target policies are in place to deliver minimum cost and optimum responsiveness of supply at the lowest risk to the business.  Our team can help you develop and implement  strategies to determine where to position inventory in the supply chain, how much to hold at each point, who should own it,  and how to handle replenishments.

Forecasting/Demand Planning:
All too often poor forecasting has significantly diminished an organization’s financial performance. It has been said that it’s the life-blood of any organization. It is the building block for market insight, business planning, industry modeling, supply chain management, and long-range strategic planning. Demand Planning, the next critical step in the supply chain, starts with a statistical forecast and then adds intelligence through management information to develop an accurate demand forecast. Together, these two links in the supply chain can make or break financial and performance targets on a regular basis. Our experienced team will review existing processes, tools, and technologies with your organization to understand your true needs, and help you implement what’s appropriate for your company.

Our global supply chain and procurement consulting services have delivered exceptional results to a board range of clients and Industries, to learn about how supply synergies support our clients please take a look at our success stories.

Global Supply Chain & Procurement Consultants.

We’re passionate about working with our clients to improve their supply chains, if you want to find out more about the services we provide or about joining our team of highly skilled supply chain experts you can contact in one of the following ways:

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